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Our Gentle Giants!

Sadly, we are no longer breeding Bullmastiffs!!
I've recently gone back to work full time and don't have time to breed the way it should be done. We are selling our breeding stock and also have some of our retired bullies to place in new homes. They have all been updated on vaccines and their new families will be responsible for following through with yearly vaccines. No health issues with our bullies. Feel free to look at each of their pages to the left, for pictures of them as they've grown up in our home.

Our bullies that are available have not been spayed/neutered, and are fully AKC registered.
All AKC papers will be transferred to new families. Each family will also be responsible for transporting from our home to the theirs. Cash or Money Orders only... which of course are non-refundable. Serious inquiries only. Contact Cristy, via email:

Available Studs:

-Lawson's ImUrHuckleberry of Shady Grove "Doc"
 AKC # WS55300403    Red Brindle w/Black Mask
 Birthday:  October 5, 2016
 Price: $3500

Doc's pedigree is loaded with mostly Grand Champions. He is a BIG sweet baby and has been bred naturally with only our females. I would like to keep him as a pet, but it would be a great disservice to the bullmastiff breed, because he is phenomenal with a very high sperm count.

-Shady Grove's Lone Survivor "Dax"
 AKC # WS52502401    Red Fawn w/Black Mask
 Birthday:  August 19, 2015
 Price: $2000

Dax also comes from a line of Grand Champions and Champions. He has  been bred naturally with only our females. Dax also has a very high sperm count. He is very stocky and very sweet.

Available Females:

-Shady Grove's Ellie Mae
 AKC # WS55637901    Red w/Black Mask
 Birthday:  November 14, 2016
 Price: $2000

Ellie's parents are Dax & Sadie. She has never been bred, but will be coming into her 2nd heat soon. She will be 2 years old and has a very sweet personality. She should fill out to be really stocky like her mom, Sadie. Ellie comes from a long line of Champions as well. She has litter registration papers, but has not been AKC registered yet. She can be Full AKC or Limited AKC registered, which is up to her new family.

-Lawson's Leather N Lace "Sadie"  SOLD
 AKC # WS44402507    Red w/Black Mask
 Birthday:  June 13, 2013
 Price: $1000
Sadie is 5 years old and also intact. She has had huge litters in the past, her first was 13 puppies. She is house broken and still capable of birthing at least 2 more litters. She is our "couch potato" but loves to play with the others, especially her daughter, Ellie. She is very stocky and has a big wrinkly head.

-Lawson's Try N Find Me "Piper"  SOLD
 AKC # WS41551103    Red Brindle w/Black Mask
 Birthday:  July 14, 2012
 Price: $350
Piper is 6 years old and also intact and house broken. She had smaller litters and just recently, her heats changed, so we retired her from our breeding program. We are looking to place her in a pet home. She has a very sweet temperament and we just want her to be loved by a new family.

 Located in Monterey, TN
Owners: Matt & Cristy Betcher

The Bullmastiff breed is a gentle, yet very protective breed and we are so blessed to be able to share these wonderful dogs with you. We are NOT a kennel or puppy mill...our dogs are raised in our home with our three daughters. They are just as spoiled as our girls! We breed solely out of love for this awesome breed. They are known for their awesome temperaments and their loyalty to their families. Our bullies are GIANT LAP DOGS!!!!

Our babies names are Fergie, Lord Gibbs, Lady Ziva, Delinda Deline (DeeDee), Case Stockman, Piper, Sadie, Ivy, Dax, & Doc

Our journey began with precious Fergie.....
Fergie passed away November 2012...She remains in our hearts and will never be forgotten!

We got Fergie as a pet, and fell so much in love with her, we decided to have a litter of puppies. This was the beginning of Shady Grove Bullmastiffs, and we have been so blessed!

Below are pictures of all our babies. You can navigate their individual pages for more pictures and information on each one.

Shady Grove's Delinda Deline (Retired) "DeeDee" was from Fergie's 1st Litter.

Shady Grove's Try 'N Find Me " Piper"
Red Brindle

Shady Grove's Lady Ziva
Shady Grove's Into the Mystic "Ivy"
Shady Grove's Case Stockman (Retired)

Shady Grove's Lord Gibbs (Retired)
Red Reverse Brindle

Shady Grove's Leather 'N Lace "Sadie"

Shady Grove's Lone Survivor "Dax"

Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.     Philippians 4:5

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