Shady Grove Bullmastiffs

More 2011 Litter Photos...Contact us today to reserve your puppy. We will have puppies arriving Easter 2012 ... what an awesome gift from the Easter Bunny!! Call Cristy at 931-260-6183 or email us at


More 2011 Litter Photos...




All the Pictures shown below are when the 2011 pups were 7 weeks old and playing in our yard for the first time!






Little Brindle Boy (above, background) had to go!!!!


"I am so tired!"





Pictured to the left,is Fergie's 1st boyfriend, Oscar (in yellow jersey). Also known as Gambler's Lord Oscar. Oscar is the sire of our 2011 litter of pups. He weighs just under 150 pounds.

Oscar is not one of our dogs, but belongs to friends of ours. He is pictured here with his Sire, Morty.







"Would you two GROW UP!!"

 "You'll never find me!!!"






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