Shady Grove Bullmastiffs

 About the Betcher Family:

We are located in Tennessee and live on 36 acres in the Cookeville/Monterey area. We have three daughters who love our bullmastiffs and help care for them. Our dogs are raised as part of our family and live in our home with us...we are NOT a kennel or puppy mill! We LOVE our dogs! We added a birthing center/nursery in February 2012..but our puppies are actually raised in our home for the first few weeks of their lives. With that said, our puppies are very well socialized when they go to their new homes. Three little girls + bully puppies = spoiled rotten!

Our mission is to raise quality, purebred bullmastiffs with excellent temperaments. Our dogs are raised with LOTS of love and we spend as much time with them as we do our children. Since our dogs are actual family members, we are extremely "picky" about placing our babies in loving homes.  We sell to approved homes only. We would love to meet you in person, but we also ship within the United States. We have long-standing relationships with our puppy families and try to make ourselves available to them at all times to assist in raising their puppies or answering questions. I certainly don't have all the answers but I will do my best to find out a correct one. We also love receiving pictures of the puppies with their new families as they grow up.

About the Bullmastiff Breed:

Bullmastiffs are very loving and completely devoted to their families. They protect their families and homes fearlessly, and without regard for themselves. They are truly "gentle giants", but will defend their families. Bullies are alert, guard dogs that are very powerful but active.

The breed was formed in England to protect against poachers. Their foundation breeding was 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog and part of the Working Group. They were bred to pin & hold without mauling and known as the gamekeeper dog. The dark brindle was preferred for the obvious camouflage effect at night.

The Bullmastiff breed loves to be around people rather than left alone for a long period of  time. They crave love and attention and would stay in your lap if you let them! Please take this into consideration when making a decision to purchase a Bullmastiff...they are NOT loners! Do not attempt to train a Bullmastiff to do anything against their nature such as hunting or fighting. They aim to please but can be somewhat stubborn when it comes to training. Bullies require an assertive, yet loving, owner to show them who's boss.

Bullies should be properly socialized with other people and other animals at a young age. They are great with children but should always be monitored around children simply because of their size. One swipe of their tail and you may see a flying child or a table cleared off in seconds!!!! They are known for their awesome, loving temperaments.....don't try altering their temperaments by turning them into "attack dogs", you will have serious problems. They are massive animals but big babies....let's keep it that way! Don't worry, they are guard dogs and they do their job and do it well!

They are extremely devoted too their families and protective of their properties. Bullies are good judges of character so they will not leave your side or your child's side until they know that a strange person is not a threat. They typically do not bark unless they are warning or alarming their owners of an intruder or a problem. Bullmastiffs generally do well in multi-dog homes when they are properly socialized. However, strange dogs or other animals are not welcome and will be warned to leave their home. Hopefully, they heed the warning, because a bully will not back down when it comes to protecting his/her family and property.


  • The average male weighs 110-130 pounds and stands 25-27 inches at withers.
  • The average female weighs 100-120 pounds and stands 24-26 at withers.
  • They have short hair and are not excessive shedders.
  • Their coloring may be Fawn, Red, or Brindle. The Brindles can be more red or more fawn. Bullies have a dark mask and dark triangular shaped ears that lay flat against the sides of their face. Their heads are square and the snout is flat.
  • Their tails sit high on the rear and hang down below their hocks.


The average lifespan of a bully is 8-10 years. Of course, this may vary depending on their upbringing, diet, etc.
  • They love to eat, so never free-feed from an automatic feeder. Growing too much, too fast can cause serious skeletal problems. Ask your vet what the best diet would be and try to stick with that particular food. An occasional treat of steak is always accepted by a bullmastiff though!!
  • Some common defects or disorders for the breed might include:
                  Bloat: eating too fast & gas fills their stomach & can't escape.
                  Elbow/Hip Dysplasia: degeneration of the elbow or hip joints.

                  Entropion:  eyelids turn inward & rub against the eye. Some can be tacked
                                          to solve, but some require surgery.

When I say these defects/disorders are common, it doesn't mean every bully will have problems. Breeding dogs can be checked , however that doesn't mean a puppy will or will not inherit these problems from another ancestor. Bullmastiffs are no more prone to health problems than any other breed. Like other breeds & even people, proper care and diet can make a huge difference. However, God is in control, not us, so unforeseen things happen that cannot be controlled by a breeder and/or an owner. So, love your pet no matter what and you can't go wrong. They will not let you down so return that favor!

The Betchers: 
Matt, Cristy, Bradi, Mackey, & Chloe

 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

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