Shady Grove Bullmastiffs

Shady Grove's Lady Ziva

Ziva 16 weeks old




 Ziva coming home from the airport.





Sire           CH Bluegrass' Bumptious Boo   CH Bluegrass' Rudyard Kipling CD
    CH Noland's Wyloway       Bluegrass' Sweet Cheeks
    CH Leatherneck Square Root   CH Noland's Wyloway Wallflower   CH Dox Fast Freddy of Shady Oak
    Ishana         Noland Zelda of Tecumseh
    Shadoboxr     CH Leatherneck's Grizzly   CH Blackslate's Boston Brahmin
    CH Leatherneck     Leatherneck's Christy
CH Canas-Dox     Hope To Tell   CH Cheers Better Up the Ante CD   CH Dox Fast Freddy of Shady Oak
Forever Mr. Q               CH Cadenceritamylipsofkeypor
        CH Dox Spear of Loki   Dox Shatrugo Lancaster
      CH Carrvilla's N       CH Ruby My Dear Blackslate
    CH Canas Be Dox Oxford Don   CH Carvilla's Dox Gingernspice   CH Dox Fast Freddy of Shady Oak
    Dazzled By Dox           CH Aamodt's Apple Blossom
        CH Dox Tonka of Valtris   CH Noland Dox GoGo Ivanhoe
      CH Dox N Noland's       CH Shady Oak's Cana Britt
      Red Zinger   CH Noland Dox Dittos Darling   CH Dox Fast Freddy of Shady Oak
                Noland Zelda of Tecumseh
Dam       CH Titan's Minister of Defense   Bedrock's Shaquille of Titan
      Bravo's Winston       CH Blossom SweetNutmeg of Titan
    Wildwood's of Wildwood   CH Reprisal's in the Thick of It   CH Abbey Roads Black Tie Affair
    Modesto           Keeper's Home By Dusk
        Bravo's Panama Red   Hanover's U.S. Marshall
Texas Dream     Wildwood's Miss       CH Reprisal's in the Thick of It
Summer     Jesse James   Hanover's Hurricane Hanna   Hanovers Bam Bam Bigelow
                Hanovers Hurricane Hilda
        Dextor's Opie the Red   A Capone Son of Sumo
            A Capones Alley Gator
      Wyoming's Max   Noble Dextors Fawncie Dancer   Trex Noble
    Max Echo's   Delicious       Nottingham Maggie Noble
    Magpie   Tyson's Rider of Knight Gateskeeper Sir Zock Daniel
      Echo's Lady Luck       DTMI Shilah
    Cheyanne Lady Simba's Echo   Sez the Sunshine
              Queen Sheeba Sunshine